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Zac Stacy Traded to Jets per Schefter
25 comments - Posted by 2KSports
for every Ellington Stacy McCoy there is a Cj Anderson, justin Forsett, Tre Mason, etc. and leveon was a surprise both his first year and second year. there are going to be a number of rbs putting up numbers / playing the bellcow role. it's just that several of them will not be drafted as top 20 overall picks.
Darren McFadden Outlook. What does the dominant Dallas O-Line do for him?
1 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Nothing. Willing to bet he won't crack 700 yards
Which rookie would you draft in fantasy this year?
17 comments - Posted by feiyingx
I would say Todd Gurley
Alfred Morris confirmed to take bulk of carries
2 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Andre Ellington will continue in same role according to Bruce Arians
1 comments - Posted by 2KSports
They didn't get an every down back in the draft.
Updated Fantasy Football Positional Rankings: Post-Draft
0 comments - Bleacher Report
How mad is Chip Kelly?
18 comments - Posted by 2KSports
@shawnjon then you don't know much football if Sankey is the only Titan you can name
NFL Draft: day 3 discussion
489 comments - Posted by Bherman
You mean Leonard Fournette? lol
NFL Draft: Day 2 Discussion
1092 comments - Posted by DriftMonkey
old news bherms
Pick #16: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest @ HOU
29 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Lol good one
Dallas takes Randy Gregory in the 2nd Round. The slide ends.
9 comments - Posted by 2KSports
they were close?
Pick #17: Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon @ SF
9 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Well I said it before, I can see why too, Justin is waivering on retirement, Campbell is 34, Carradine is a bust, Ray Mcdonald got cut
NFL draft discussion thread
1333 comments - Posted by Bherman
loading a 1300 comment thread seems overwhelming for SB at this point
Pick #2: Marcus Mariota @ TEN
25 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Marioto will crush him
Twitter people to follow for NFL breaking news?
11 comments - Posted by 2KSports
It's a whale?
Pick #15: Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin @ SD (Traded from SF)
15 comments - Posted by feiyingx
I cant find his post draft interview. it was so good
Pick #10: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia @ STL
20 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Stacy so unrealistic Tre Mason far better anyway
Pick #7: Kevin White, WR, WVU @ CHI
8 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Parker > White
Pick #1: Jameis Winston @ TB
7 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #9: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami @ NYG
2 comments - Posted by feiyingx
not bad
Pick #20: Eagles Select WR Nelson Agholor
3 comments - Posted by 2KSports
I love it, he is going to beast
Pick #19: CLE selects C Cameron Erving
0 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Pick #18: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington @ KC
2 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Kicked off team
Pick #14: Devante Parker, WR, Louisville @ MIA
3 comments - Posted by feiyingx
I figured they'd go rb, Gordon.
Pick #4: Amari Cooper, WR @ OAK
14 comments - Posted by feiyingx
They should have taken Leonard
Pick #13: Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford @ NO
5 comments - Posted by feiyingx
takes longer i think
Pick #12: Danny Shelton, DT, Washington @ CLE
0 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #11: Traie Waynes, CB, MSU @ MIN
5 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #6: Leonard Williams, DT, USC @ NYJ
5 comments - Posted by feiyingx
I'm a Raiders fan sorta and I'm mad
Pick #8: Vic Beasley, OLB/DE, Clemson @ ATL
0 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #5: Brandon Scherff, T @ WAS
11 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Pick #3: Dante Fowler @ JAX
2 comments - Posted by feiyingx
Which player do you realistically think your team will pick?
24 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Hoping for Cooper
Yahoo to launch it's own Daily Fantasy Sports platform (because it deserved it's own thread - link in comments)
18 comments - Posted by Jason497
Marcus Mariota Fantasy Starter?
15 comments - Posted by 2KSports
I'm drafting him if he's on the eagles
Your NFL Draft Wild Predictions!
20 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Told you the Bears would be in the conversation lol
Yahoo Fantasy Football 2015 is already open, just in time for the draft
4 comments - Posted by Jason497
Goodbye Fanduel
Why is Georia RB Todd Gurley so hyped?
20 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Gurley has the upside of being between AP, Lynch and McCoy IMHO. Has a very high ceiling but injuries are the scary part with him
Amari Cooper vs Kevin White. You are the GM. Who do you take and why?
10 comments - Posted by 2KSports
yes he can
What does everyone think of Dorial Green-Beckham?
12 comments - Posted by 2KSports
Right system and he could be all pro. Wrong system and he'll be out of the league in 3 years. He needs a program that has a bunch of no bullshit vets and a well respected coach, with a desire to win. A lot of talent goes to the NFL on a horrible disfunctional team and then lose their way.
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